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This disaster people profoundly realize most of us rarely go on a usual thing — sleep — has much power. However, such a lesson or has been habitually forgotten onitsuka tiger mexico 66. Since that 2010 Air India flight accident, several times of danger are mainly because the driver drowsiness induced, including the two accident danger this year. In April, Canadian airline (Air Canada) and a flight the pilot will Venus error as flying in the face of the plane, a plane he was piloting sharp dive, killing 16 passengers injured. In July, a judge in Texas delta is identified, a JetBlue (JetBlue) pilot in the cockpit roar belongs to spiritual collapse, the cause of his mental breakdown is likely to be a lack of sleep.

The problem not only exists in the aviation industry. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, referred to as CDC) data, about 20% of the car accident was due to the driver fatigue caused by. At the same time, the United States military researchers conclude, lack of sleep is the main cause of friendly fire from.
At the beginning of twenty-first Century, sleep is not what we think we should be concerned about. Technology has made the world becomes small; economic globalization has blurred the boundaries of today and tomorrow. In the unending work place, time and place of such things should become less important. Most of us never to sleep as event — either as an exquisite switch onitsuka tiger shoes, switch intelligent mobile phone as we on the same, when the body needs from over the busy life rest just poke it. Of course, we’d like to get a bit more sleep. However, most people sleep in our life might be like floss your teeth, is something we should do — but not to do things —.

However, Americans are starting to wake up about sleep. Let a person half-believe in refreshing beverage advertising endless, prescription drug advertising more gorgeous help sleep the same blots out the sky, these ads show in 2012, we are in a hyperactive and terribly fatigued culture. onitsuka tiger mexico 66 shoes Lack of sleep seems to have become the hallmark disease today.

According to a recent report by CDC, nearly 1/3 of the United States of America working adults — about 41000000 people — less than six hours sleep a night. And by 1990 the number of lack of sleep is up about 25%. According to CDC data, about 27% of workers in the financial and insurance industries lack of sleep, and the mining industry has nearly 42% workers the same complaint. “Sleep” (Sleep) published a study in 2011 found, insomnia caused by the the United States per capita productivity losses of $2280, total $63200000000 u.s..
Lack of sleep phenomenon has spawned a large and growing industry: according to its headquarters in Tampa, Florida (Tampa) study of the market research company Marketdata Enterprises, Americans are now just to get sleep spend billions of dollars to buy prescription drugs, to the sleep laboratory visits, buy tiger shoes mattress and medical treatment equipment. At the same time, more than half of the “fortune” 500 strong (Fortune 500) enterprises, law enforcement team, even in the Super Bowl winning team hired “fatigue management consultants”, so that the staff from first to last to maintain good working condition and to prevent accidents.